Stainless steel air knife system

Streamtek Air Knife Systems are a non-contact method for removing unwanted surface liquid, dirt, moisture, coatings, debris, contamination, static charge, heat etc during the manufacturing process of typically conveyed parts and/or articles. The Air Knife System is powered solely by compressed air. The Air Knife creates continuous Laminar sheet /curtain /stream of hard-hitting airflow that can be controlled using a standard pressure regulator. The high velocity airflow blows off the liquid from the surfaces of products and remaining moisture is shattered from the product(s). This hard-hitting high velocity stream of airflow blows away debris, dissipates heat, cleans/protects surfaces and dries/spreads coatings. An Air Knife System can be installed using low cost Canadian made Air Knives strategically located for optimal blow off performance. Air Knife 303/316 Stainless Steel is also available for higher temperature and/or corrosive environments.

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