Stainless sensor for low pressure range

Californian-based Kavlico has recently designed a low cost, stainless steel configuration pressure sensor for low pressure range measurements of 0–1PSI through 0–350PSI gage, absolute, or differential. The highly reliable pressure sensor has an MTBF of 300,000 hours at nominal operating temperature. The lightweight pressure sensor is available with either an amplified (0.5 to 4.5Vdc) or non-amplified (50 to 100 mV at 10.0Vdc) output and can be packaged with an isolated or non-isolated temperature sensor. The operating temperature range is -55 to +125C while storage temperature is -55 to +150C. Accuracy over the operating temperature range is +/-1% FSO, with +/-0.5% FSO available for some range options. The sensor can be supplied with a MIL-38999 connector, with flying leads or a custom electrical connector to suit the specific requirement. Pressure connector options include insert to manifold, metal-to-metal seal, or an o-ring with hold down nut.
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