Stainless dispensing system for cleanroom use

Nordson ASYMTEK has introduced its S-920N-C stainless steel dispensing system that is third-party certified for Class 100 cleanroom use. It is specifically designed for applications that are extremely sensitive to contamination by submicron-sized particles, such as wafer-level packaging and disk drive assembly. Film-frame or bare-wafer handling can be added for integrated material loading and unloading. The S-920N-C system’s stainless steel enclosure has a passivated finish for easy wipe-down. Its high-flex electrical cables are enclosed in a cleanroom-certified jacket that reduces particulation and outgassing. The HEPA filter provides a downward particle-free air column within the dispense area, and the machine interior is positively pressurized. All pneumatic valves are exhausted to a duct for connection to a house vacuum to avoid particle emissions into the cleanroom.

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