Stainless Alaskan landscape

A perforated stainless steel and glass sculpture that represents a topographical view of the Alaska landscape has been installed at the new terminal of the Fairbanks International Airport. “Tanana” is the third of four commissioned art pieces for the new terminal. It was dedicated on 18 March 2009. The multi-paneled wall replaces plastic glass that encased stairs descending from the upper terminal to the baggage claim and meeting area. Artist David Ruth, a glass sculptor from Oakland, California, said the 15 panels show a topographical relief of a stretch of the Yukon River. Etched into the panels by a computer-driven water-jet machine are wavy elevation contour lines indicating distant mountains and river islands, marsh icons and a map grid that holds the whole thing together. The inset water sections reveal an iced-over river made of Pyrex with slight color variations that comes with heating.
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