Stackable pipe mounting collars

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. of Wilmington, Massachusetts, US, has released a new system of stackable pipe mounting collars that now includes threaded standoffs to allow them to be mounted or hung virtually anywhere. The Stafford Stackable Pipe Mounting Collar System features two-piece clamp style collars with flats on the outside surfaces that are drilled and tapped to attach to one other and accept a threaded stainless steel rod. Combining rigidity and design flexibility, they include Teflon bushings which conform to the pipe I.D. to allow for thermal expansion and vibration absorption. Designed especially for piping, the Stafford Stackable Pipe Mounting Collar System can be installed where a rigid system is desired that provides access to multiple pipes and can be isolated via stand-off. Available in six pipe sizes from 1/4in to 1-1/4in I.D., with two flats or one with a finished O.D., they can be ordered in aluminum, steel and stainless steel.
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