Snap-On introduces welder for steel

Snap-on has introduced its MIG225Ai welder, which has been designed to assist technicians to easily weld aluminum and steel. This inverter-style, wire feed synergic pulse MIG welder features two torches, allowing for a faster, smoother changeover from steel to aluminum, and welding current up to 225A. The company reports that with the MIG225Ai, technicians are given more control, accuracy, and efficiency with shorter set up and post-weld finishing times.
The MIG225Ai features a longer push-pull torch for increased accessibility around the vehicle, wheeled running gear, two regulator-flowmeters, plus storage space for two separate gas bottles. Using the standard steel torch, technicians can weld both steel and stainless steel, while also brazing high-strength Boron steel. 
The unit’s preset synergic curves provide optimal control for any welding condition. The MIG225Ai automatically sets wire speed and heat, which allows technicians to weld a variety of materials and thicknesses. 
Image courtesy of Body Shop Business
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