Single-float level transmitters for small tanks

The XM/XT Series of single-float transmitters is expressly designed to provide continuous fluid-level monitoring within smaller, more compact tank environments, specifically those with tank depths of less than 20 in. (50.8 cm). The XM/XT 300 Series of fluid-level transmitters is constructed from all-wetted polysulfone plastic parts, ensuring their direct compatibility with a variety of chemicals.

The counterpart XM/XT-700 Series combines the extended durability of stainless steel or brass within a lightweight package. Both models are designed to serve as effective drop-in replacements using existing tank fittings. They feature 3.5-mm resolution; an indicating length to 35.5 cm; and a stem length to 50.8 cm. XM/XT Series units are also available with a broad choice of mountings and float materials to suit individual requirements.

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