Self-clinching standoffs for stainless assemblies

PennEngineering® introduces its PEM® Type TSO4® Self-Clinching Standoffs for ultra-thin stainless steel assemblies, which give a faster solution for stacking or spacing components to and from ultra-thin stainless steel panels.

The fasteners are specially hardened and permanently install into stainless steel sheets as thin as .025”/0.63mm. Only a single mating screw is required for the component attachment. The standoffs are fabricated from heat-treated 400 series stainless steel for use in stainless sheets with maximum hardness of HRB 88 on the Rockwell “B” scale or HB 183 on the Brinell scale. Since the fasteners are harder than the stainless steel sheet they will be going into to, the clinching results are successful because there isn’t a risk of loosening hardware.

They are available in a variety of styles, such as thru-threaded or blind threaded versions and in several lengths depending on the application. Detailed specifications, installation animation, CAD models and performance data (Bulletin TSO4) for these RoHS-compliant fasteners can be accessed at

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