Samuel improves water jet cutting capabilities

With over a month in full operation, the Samuel Hayward location is pleased to report increased processing efficiencies for customers with the use of their new FLOW Mach 4 system. The system was added in late 2012 to the extensive water jet cutting capabilities already available at the Hayward, California location.
The FLOW Mach 4 comes complete with a 5 Axis cutting head, allowing operators to get closer to the finished part by offering a near net shape. The added features of the FLOW Mach 4 include the exclusive HyperPressure™ Technology, as well as the advanced Dynamic Waterjet® XD technology, which allow for the faster and more accurate bevel and 3D cutting.
The system is ideal for high and low production runs, as well as other requirements demanded by just-in-time manufacturing environments.

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