Salzgitter Group and Rio Tinto Sign MoU to Expand Processes

Rio Tinto and the Salzgitter Group have agreed in an MoU – Memorandum of Understanding – to examine technical, logistical, and grade-specific issues for low-carbon supply chains and green steel production processes. The focus will be on the future supply of high-quality iron ore products for the SALCOS® program.

The SALCOS® - SAlzgitter Low CO2Steelmaking program will play a prominent role here as by 2033, the Salzgitter Group will have achieved virtually carbon-free steel production thanks to SALCOS®, assuming the right economic conditions and significant public funding.

The technical issues comprise the following in detail: optimizing pellet quality with respect to direct reduction with hydrogen, the use of lump ore and other iron carriers when reducing by hydrogen, and the production of a sinter for deployment in a direct reduction plant when reducing by hydrogen. Furthermore, the carbon emissions in the entire supply chain and opportunities for their registration and certification are to be examined.

Both companies will also actively engage in this sphere as with low-carbon steel production and the requisite raw materials they can lay the foundation for achieving their sustainability targets and those of their customers. 

Courtesy of Salzgitter Group. 

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