Ryerson acquires specialty metals processing

Ryerson Holding Corporation, a leading value-added processor and distributor of industrial metals, announced that it has acquired Specialty Metals Processing (“SMP”), a toll processor located in Stow, Ohio. SMP processes stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel alloy products in a variety of industries including aerospace. SMP’s expertise in buffing, grinding and polishing finishes adds to Ryerson’s value-added processing capabilities to provide better customer experiences.

“We are pleased to welcome SMP to the Ryerson Family of Companies as a recognized leader in toll processing,” said Eddie Lehner, Ryerson’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “This strategic acquisition builds upon our value-added capabilities and further strengthens our excellent stainless products franchise while reinforcing our mission of providing great customer experiences across our network of intelligently connected industrial metals service centers.”

Mike Burbach, Ryerson’s Chief Operating Officer, added, “SMP is renowned for its expertise in flat roll polishing and will enhance Ryerson’s stainless processing capabilities providing a more complete and integrated value-added experience for our stainless customers. We are delighted to have SMP join the Ryerson Family of Companies.”

Courtesy of Ryerson Holding Corporation

Image credit: Specialty Metals Processing

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