Ruukki expands special steels global sales network

Ruukki is expanding its global sales network for special steels by opening new offices and recruiting more than 40 experts to strengthen sales and technical services. Growth in special steels is being pursued in the Americas, Asia, and Africa as well as in Europe.
Ruukki aims to have its sales network covering all main market areas to support its existing effective network of partners.
Ruukki will be hiring new people in the Americas, Africa, China, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia. Ruukki will recruit new sales professionals in almost all the countries in Europe it has operations in, including Germany, Poland and other Eastern European countries.
During the current year, Ruukki aims to turn its steels business more strongly into a special steels business consisting of high-strength, wear-resistant and special-coated steels.
At the same time, the company will accelerate global sales of special steels, which means expanding and diversifying the distribution network and significantly strengthening the sales organisation. This spring, Ruukki opened new sales offices in Toronto, Canada and in Santiago, Chile.
“Being geographically close to our customers will enable us to deliver an even faster and more flexible service than earlier. Strengthening our technical customer support will enable us to offer technical advice and co-operation to an increasing number of customers,” said SVP, Special Steels & International Sales at Ruukki Metals, Thomas Hörnfeldt.
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