Penn installs new cutting system

Two new Koike Aronson Versagraph Millennium Series Plasma Cutting Systems have been installed by Penn Stainless Products. The Model 3100 systems feature Hypertherm HPR800XD HyPerformance® Plasma technology, which enables powerful precision cutting up to 6.25-inch-thick stainless steel plate. The two machines operating on one shared rail system allows for a cutting envelope of 10 feet wide by 65 feet long.
The cutting solution provides speed, accuracy, versatility and durability in a plasma cutting system. Production benefits include optimum cut quality, less dross (cleaner cut edges), less kerf loss (narrow cut), and a smaller heat-affected zone (due to faster cut speeds).
“This investment greatly enhances our plate processing capabilities, particularly on heavier gauges of stainless steel,” said president of Penn Stainless, Jim Seward. “The new Koike Aronson system, combined with our recently added waterjet and laser systems, offers our customers many cutting options for precision processing and quick turnaround.”

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