Oil discovery in Colombia

Petrobras Colombia has confirmed the presence of oil at the Guando SW 1 well, in the Upper Magdalena Valley, Tolima Department, Colombia.
The Guando SW 1 well reached a total depth of 1,576 meters.
Tests have confirmed the presence of oil at approximately 23.9º API, and initial production rates of 500 barrels of oil per day.
Work carried out at Guando SW 1 corresponds that exploration of Block Boquerón resumed, which was already in production, where Petrobras is the operator. In this same block, Petrobras developed the Guando Field 12 years ago.
This was one of the biggest oil discoveries in Colombia over the past 15 years.
On October 27, Petrobras started an extended well test at the wild cat well Guando SW 1. Petrobras will proceed with tests to assess the discovery’s potential.
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