Nippon Steel’s seamless pipe selected by CCS project

High alloy OCTG seamless pipe from Nippon Steel Corporation has been selected by Equinor, as service provider to the Northern Lights Joint Venture, a carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) value chain operator in the North Sea in Europe.

In this large-scale development, CO2 emitted from industrial facilities will be collected and transported to an intermediate storage facility, before it is transported by pipeline 100km offshore before injected into a subsurface reservoir 2600 meters under the seabed. The high concentrated and liquefied CO2, requires the steel pipe to be extremely resistant to corrosion.

The high alloy OCTG by Nippon Steel has been applied to the oil and natural gas production in very severe conditions all over the world for many years and has been ranked as the world’s top share in this field. The product has been proven to perform the world’s best corrosion resistance and can be used in a high concentration CO2 environment without causing corrosion.

The construction has already started for the go-live in 2024, and Nippon Steel has so far supplied nearly 130 pieces (1,550 m) of carbon steel seamless pipe. Recently, high-alloy OCTG has also been ordered by the project, and the company plans to start supplying approximately 120 pieces (1,390 m) in October 2021.

Nippon Steel announced Nippon Steel Carbon Neutral Vision 2050—A Challenge of Zero-Carbon Steel in March this year, in which they declared their decision to actively work to address global-scale climate change issues as an important issue that forms the basis of their management.

Through a long-term supply contract on OCTG and a strategic partnership, Nippon Steel has been supplying their OCTG pipe and its auxiliary services to Equinor for over 30 years. Going forward, together with Equinor and other energy companies all over the world, Nippon Steel will actively strive to resolve climate change and other issues.

Courtesy of Nippon Steel Corporation.