Nippon Steel Obtained EcoLeaf Environmental Product Declaration for Steel Sheet Pile Products

The EcoLeaf Environmental Product Declaration for steel sheet piles (including NS-PACTM Sheet Piles) was published by Nippon Steel Corporation. The EPD program is operated by Sustainable Management Promotion Organization.

Nippon Steel’s steel sheet piles are used in construction fields, including river revetments, port and harbor structures, roads, retaining walls and cofferdams, and widely appreciated in the market for their excellent quality and drivability. Drawing on a wealth of accumulated technical expertise for rolling, fabrication and utilization in these fields and taking advantage of the quality characteristics of its steel sheet piles, Nippon Steel has developed various new products, such as hat-type sheet piles with superior drivability and cost-effectiveness and NS-PACTM Sheet Piles with high corrosion protection that is required for port and harbor structures.

Courtesy of Nippon Steel.

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