Nippon Steel Holds a Ceremony To Commemorate The 60th Anniversary Of Supplying Tinplate

Nippon Steel Corporation held a ceremony to commemorate 60 years of supplying tinplate to Dole Packaged Foods in Singapore. Since Nippon Steel began working with Dole in Hawaii in 1962, the company had delivered a cumulative total of more than 2.2 million tons of tinplate, accounting for a 100% share.

At the commemorative ceremony, Nippon Steel and Dole reflected on the companies’ shared history, such as the development and adoption of advanced technologies, including those for thinner plates for can containers, environmentally friendly chromate-free tinplate (the trademark “EZP”), and easy open ends. With the aim of further strengthening the relationship, both companies agreed to enhance joint initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality, and ultimately to realize a sustainable society, in addition to ensuring a stable supply of high-quality tinplate, developing products utilizing Nippon Steel’s technologies, and reducing costs for both companies.

Courtesy of Nippon Steel.

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