Nickel-bearing electrode

Select-Arc Inc. has introduced a low alloy, gas-shielded, metal cored, nickel-bearing electrode designed to produce fewer slag islands. Select 80C-Ni1LS delivers a true spray transfer with mixtures as lean as 75-80% argon/balance carbon dioxide. Select 80C-Ni1LS is suited for applications where better bead appearance and less postweld cleanup are desired. It is designed for the welding of fine grained or low alloy steels requiring moderate tensile strength and good subzero CVN toughness, such as ASTM A203, Gr E, A302, A575 and A633. These steels are typically utilized in the fabrication of earthmoving machinery and buckets, offshore equipment and mining machinery. The absence of slag and spatter facilitates painting after welding. This electrode is available in .035in, .045in, .052in and 1/16in diameters.
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