New titanium powder supply partnership has been sparked

French company, Aubert & Duval, a subsidiary of Eramet Group’s Alloys division, and PyroGenesis, a Canadian-based company, have entered into a partnership agreement for the supply of titanium powders in Europe.

Aubert & Duval specialises in high-performance metallurgy, while PyroGenesis is a provider of plasma atomised spherical metallic powders for the additive manufacturing (AM), and metal injection moulding (MIM) industries, making the two companies a perfect match.

Aubert & Duval is looking to extend its current portfolio of metal powders for the AM market, and this partnership will allow the company to ensure the exclusive distribution of powders such as plasma atomised titanium powder throughout Europe, which is its primary market. Under the agreement, the new titanium offering from Aubert & Duval will be marketed under the Pearl® Micro brand.

Eramet Group’s Alloys division reported that it expects the partnership to allow Eramet to reach a 15% market share of titanium powders in Europe by 2022. The group produces super alloy metal powders for aircraft engines and land turbines in the energy sector, as well as stainless steel powders for various markets including defence and automotive.

Image courtesy of Elcan Industries
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