New stainless electrodes from SelectAlloy

Select-Arc Inc. has introduced two gas-shielded, flux cored, stainless steel electrodes that are specifically designed for cryogenic applications where good weld metal toughness is needed. SelectAlloy 308L-AP CRYO is composed of 18.5% chromium, 10% nickel and a maximum carbon content of 0.04%; SelectAlloy 316L-AP CRYO with a nominal weld metal composition of 17.5% chromium, 13% nickel, 2.5% molybdenum and a maximum 0.04% carbon content. Both electrodes offer flat, well washed bead characteristics that can be achieved with minimal weaving. They produce low spatter with slag peeling to minimize cleanup. Available in .045in and 1/16in diameters, the all position SelectAlloy 308L-AP CRYO and SelectAlloy 316L-AP CRYO electrodes are utilized in the fabrication and repair of cryogenic components in applications which require weld metal toughness at liquid nitrogen temperatures (-320F).

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