New ROV has stainless steel launch tube mechanism

Aquam has launched Amplus, a remote operated vehicle (ROV) for use in pressurized water, wastewater, and industrial pipe applications.

The technology allows Aquam to provide its customers with remaining pipeline lifespan through high resolution imagery and pinpoint accurate real-time data, enabling customers to develop informed maintenance and replacement strategies that optimize limited financial budgets. Amplus is set to be deployed by Aquam service providers with commercial, residential, utility, and municipal customers in the US and UK effective within the next 30 days.

“Data-driven information is the future of infrastructure management and the key to preventing mainline bursts. With a minimal incision, we’re able to obtain real-time data on leaks, flow, blockage, corrosion, and pipe thickness – critical information to developing and executing a cost-effective rehabilitation plan,” said Cameron Manners, Aquam’s Chief Technology Officer. 

As technology improves and reduces in size, the opportunities for adopting remotely operated vehicles and robotics are rising; ROVs have become increasingly common in industries ranging from ocean and space exploration, to surgery, telecommunications, resource extraction, and infrastructure maintenance. 

Amplus’ state of the art technology utilizes both forward and reversing high definition cameras, ultrasonic scanners and acoustic hydrophone sensors for collecting and transmitting comprehensive and high-resolution analysis of pipelines in real-time. Deployed through access points as small as 100mm (4”) the ability to crawl through pipelines regardless of flow or pressure, is one of the strongest differentiators for Amplus.

Key features of Amplus include: 

• Lifespan analysis Assessment capability of 2,000m (6,560’) in one deployment 
• Comprehensive condition assessment data 
• Forward and reversing high definition camera systems 1,000 (3,280’) cable tether 
• Ultrasonic scanning head 
• Stainless steel launch tube mechanism 
• Fully programmable using patented Amplus software

Image Courtesy of Aquam
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