New IIoT system controller housed in stainless steel

Opto 22 has developed the new groov Epic system to help automation engineers and developers solve the challenging automation and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) problems they may be facing.
Many current IIoT solutions typically require multiple moving parts, including stitched-together software technologies, bolted-on communications protocols, legacy controllers, and I/O. Therefore these systems are often costly to build, difficult to troubleshoot, and require multi-domain expertise. 
The new system helps to solve these problems by combining I/O, control, data processing, edge gateway and visualisation functions in a single, secure, maintainable, edge-of-network industrial system in a stainless-steel chassis. It will allow engineers and developers to focus on delivering value. The groov Epic combines proven industrial hardware with modern software. It integrates “reimagined” intelligent I/O with an embedded Linux real-time controller, gateway functions, and a built-in display. It can be used to: control processes; automate machines; connect legacy systems; subscribe to Web services; acquire and publish data; visualise that data where it is needed; and mobilise operators. It will also simplify commissioning and wiring and help engineers to develop and deploy installations rapidly.

“We are a company of engineers inspired and driven to create products that unleash our customers’ imaginations,” says Opto 22 CEO, Mark Engman. The new system, he continues, “is a culmination of that mission, a response to industry requests to more wholly integrate IT and OT technologies, simplify development and deployment, and provide a platform for long-term growth now and well into the future.”

Image courtesy of Opto 22

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