NDT for stainless: When, what and how? (Part two)

In the two-part article, ‘Nondestructive testing for stainless steel tube and bar: When, what and how? (Part two of two)’, by Joseph Baldauff, Vice President of Technology at Magnetic Analysis Corp., we delve into the swift growth of when NDTs need to be used. More and more makers of stainless steel products are finding they must insist on the highest quality possible raw stock for their production needs. In part two, Baldauff focuses specifically on the Ultrasonic testing (UT) method.

“Materials for the higher, more critical uses are now required to be tested with the Ultrasonic method. This method of product testing is generally complementary to the Eddy Current method. The Ultrasonic method is very capable of detecting defects in heavy wall tubes,” Baldauff explains. “It can be used to measure the tube’s full dimensional characteristics including wall thickness, inside diameter (ID) defects, outside diameter (OD) defects, ovality, eccentricity, etc. Ultrasonic methods can detect defects in many different orientations.”

For the full article, please email Catarina Muia at c.muia@kci-world.com for the PDF. 
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