Metallum3D’s beta test for stainless 316L filament

Metallum3D has announced a Beta Test Program for its stainless steel 316L filament.
Being a Charlottesville-based fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printers and metal filaments manufacturer, the program will support the on-demand metal 3D platform of Metallum3D. 
Nelson Zambrana, CEO of Metallum3D, said, “Our 1.75 mm stainless steel 316L filament material has a metal content of 91.7% by weight or 61.5% by volume while maintaining enough flexibility for a minimum bend diameter of 95 mm (3.75 inches),” says Nelson Zambrana, CEO of Metallum3D. “The combination of high metal loading and filament flexibility was a tough material development challenge that took us over a year to solve.”
For end-use parts metal 3D printing has shown a lot of potential as creative and complex shapes can be fabricated with 3D printers. However, metal 3D printing remains costly due to the price of the machines, in particular, laser-based machines, and the cost of specialized metal powder. 
Metallum3D, with beta test in progress for stainless steel 316L filament, is also working on developing stainless steel 17-4 PH, H13 tool steel, bronze, and copper filaments. 
Image courtesy of Metallum3D
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