Marlin Steel provides TIG & MIG cell for better welds

Marlin Steel provides better welds thanks to the most sophisticated welding machine available. Its brand new Lincoln Robotic TIG (GTAW) and MIG (GMAW) welding cell provides optimum welds for its custom metal forms so its baskets and sheet metal racks are sturdier and longer-lasting. Because they provide a more consistent bead, optimum welds are laid down with constant voltage in a uniform pattern at every critical juncture.

This new Cleveland, OH made robot cell welds stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon steel with precision. To ensure unparalleled quality, the robot has a laser on the end that identifies the location of intersections before it starts welding to confirm the accurate location of where the bead should be placed.

This U.S.-manufactured piece of equipment features a large 10′ x 5′ table that swings on one side with a tilt and rotates table on the other side—allowing it to weld large metal forms with room to spare. This means large forms can be worked upon without bending or jury-rigged props to keep parts together. Also, because it supports both MIG and TIG welding procedures, it’s a versatile machine for joining both heavy-duty sheet metal and ultra-fine wires.

Image credit: Marlin Steel

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