Machined parts stand the tests of harsh environments

Stafford Manufacturing Corp.’s new 316 Stainless Steel Shaft Collars and Couplings have been designed for use in wastewater treatment facilities and similar harsh environments.

Stafford 316 SS Shaft Collars and Couplings are custom machined special parts designed for use with mixers, pumps, and flow control systems. Some custom components featured are couplings or mounts for different types of pumps, which are ideally suited for exposure to harsh chemicals found in wastewater treatment plants.

Stafford 316 SS Shaft Collars and Couplings can combine bore features such as hex, square, round shapes, keyways, or threads.

Exterior modifications can include flats, slots, knurls, laser etching, tapped through-holes, flanges, cams, and levers. Bore sizes can range from 1/4” to 12” I.D. for collars, and 1/4” to 4” I.D. for shaft couplings.
Image courtesy of Stafford Manufacturing Corp.
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