Meeting one of its biggest challenges to date, Magnetic Analysis Corporation (MAC) is now able to inspect 500mm diameter tube, with its latest Transverse/Longitudinal Rotoflux® Flux Leakage Inspection system.

The 500mm size Rotoflux rotaries, designed and manufactured at MAC’s plant in Elmsford, NY, is the largest diameter MAC has developed. Recently supplied to a major OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) mill, they incorporate new designs for greater magnetization and detection capabilities and new software. In addition, the system features MAC’s latest wireless transmission of test signals between the rotating test probes and the stationary electronics, a major improvement over traditional transmission by brushes and rings. The result is superior performance, lower maintenance costs and downtime and less noise.

Flux leakage technology is well suited to inspect high-permeability ferromagnetic metals such as heavy wall carbon steel pipe used in the oil and gas industry. MAC’s Rotoflux® is designed to detect seams, laps, pits, scabs, cracks, weld line defects, and transverse and longitudinal defects as small as 5 percent of the wall on the OD and ID, allowing pipe producers to meet API 5CT, 5L, and ASTM E570 standards. Material ranging in size from 125mm to 500mm (5”–19.6”) with wall thickness of 6mm–40mm (.23”–1.57”) can be handled at speeds ranging up to 60m/m (200 fpm), depending on the wall thickness of the test pipe. Straight or upset ends can be successfully tested. MAC also has 190mm and 360mm model Rotoflux rotaries for smaller diameter tube.

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