M20+ pressing machine

Stanley Virax has launched the first of its Pressing Machines into the US industrial market. The Stanley Virax M20+ is a compact pistol grip pressing machine the size of a cordless drill. Like all pressing machines, the M20+ uses industry-standard fittings to make solder-less joints in copper, stainless and PEX tubing. Because this technology does not rely on solder, joints can be made with residual fluid still in the pipe. The machine features interchangeable jaw inserts. It will join 1/2in to 1in copper and 3/8in to 1in PEX tubing. But rather than requiring a separate jaw for each tubing size, it has a single master jaw that accepts interchangeable inserts. Rather than the standard hydraulic drive, the tool uses an electro-mechanical drive. With fewer moving parts than a hydraulic drive, the tool requires less maintenance and is easier to calibrate. It can also be used in colder temperatures than a hydraulic machine. The M20+ is one of the first compact pressing tools in the US market to use 14.4v Lithium Ion battery technology. A fully charged battery will power a full 450 presses. The pressing machine is compatible with many fitting systems, including Elkhart Products Corp. XPRESS, the VIEGA ProPress System and NIBCO Press System.
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