Looking for better welds?

Is it possible to increase the welding speed without compromising the quality? Yes, it is possible!

International leaders in auxiliary gas shield technology, TiTech PRO™, has collaborated with the independent research center, SINTEF, and have now launched the second generation Trailing Shield® called 2.0™ (Trailing Shield® 2.0™). 

Trailing Shields® 2.0™ provide an additional inert gas coverage during welding, preventing the hot metal from coming into contact with air while it cools. The Trailing Shield® 2.0™ allows the user to weld faster, save money and produce bright, shiny welds. 

General Manager, Jan Wessel says: “Our latest Trailing Shield® 2.0™ comes with superior performance and an improved laminar gas flow to help users get the job done like never before. Is ideal for welding titanium and high end stainless steel where oxygen levels are required to be as low as 10 PPM.” 

Courtesy of TiTech PRO™.