Leviton offers stainless Safety Disconnect Switch

It has been announced that Leviton is now offering the MDS30-AX, the first safety disconnect switch in the company’s Powerswitch® line. It is contained in a stainless steel enclosure.
The MDS30-AX holds the same 30-Amp, 600-Volt non-fused safety disconnect switch as Leviton’s DS30-AX, but is distinguishable because of its weatherproof, stainless steel enclosure.
The MDS30-AX enclosure is made from Type 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, and is watertight and dust-tight rated to IP66 and IP67, NEMA Type 3R, 4X and 12K. The mounting feet stand three-fourths of an inch from the wall, making it easy to inspect and clean behind the unit. The high-impact, non-conductive handle is made from polycarbonate and features three provisions for padlocks to comply with OSHA lockout and tagout capabilities. The enclosure also features a side-hinged door with lift-off hinges for easier access to the switch for servicing.
Safety disconnect switches cut power to the circuit for equipment servicing and are designed to withstand short circuit current ratings higher than manual motor controllers. The 30-Amp solution is ideal for the food and beverage processing industry, controlling motor loads such as fryers, conveyors and processing equipment. The MDS30-AX is also ideal for use in other abusive industrial environments such as factories, plants and wastewater treatment facilities.

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