Lefon Orbital saw

Lefon, with an office in Houston, Texas, has released a new Orbital pipe/tube cutting machine (orbital saw) suitable for cutting stainless steel pipe. The saw is able to do cutting and beveling at the same time. Four models are available: R4, working range: pipe OD: 1/2in-4in, pipe wall thickness: 1 – 7mm; R6, working range: pipe OD 3in-6in, pipe wall thickness: 2 -10mm; R8, working range: pipe OD 6in-8in, pipe wall thickness: 2 -10mm; and R12, working range: pipe OD 8in-12in, pipe wall thickness: 2 – 10mm. The saw is workable on the following material: alloy steel pipe (e.g. stainless steel); carbon steel pipe; non-ferrous metal pipe; plastic pipe; and casting iron pipe.

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