Larson Electronics’ stainless security camera

Larson Electronics, a business with expertise in industrial lighting systems and power distribution products, announced the release of an ATEX rated explosion proof camera for hazardous environments and combustible sites. The monitoring device features high-resolution image capturing capabilities, a stainless steel housing and infrared light support for nighttime or low-light conditions.

This device records images at a resolution of two megapixels. Up to 22x zoom capabilities allows the explosion proof camera to be used to support inspections. Real-time monitoring is made possible by quick rotational speed of 10 degrees per second, with 360 degrees of full, horizontal rotation. Vertical adjustment ranges between -90 degrees and 90 degrees. This monitoring device is equipped with TCP-IP communication (rate of 2,400 to 19,200 bps) and a CCD/HD-CMOS sensor.

Nighttime image capturing is facilitated by the unit’s day/night features and a powerful infrared light. In low-light environments, operators can highlight and record targets up to 328 feet away. With infrared light, recording at night is undetectable, allowing individuals to maintain a high level of discreetness. Video output for the ATEX-EXPCMR-SS-PTZ-OZ-XIR includes AV, H.264 and SDI. One wiring hub is available for completing power connections to the device.

Designed for harsh work sites, the explosion proof camera uses heavy-duty materials for protection, including 316 stainless steel and tempered glass with nanometer paint film for the lens. The enclosure is IP68 rated for waterproof protection. An integrated lens wiper keeps the surface of the viewing lens clean, when exposed to debris and rain.

The ATEX rated explosion proof monitoring device is compatible with a wide range of mounting options. Standard mounting configurations include ceiling or wall mounting with pan/tilt brackets. During use, the analog camera accepts an input voltage of 24V AC or 85V AC to 265V AC. This input voltage is stepped down to 12V for low voltage and safe operation.

Image courtesy of Larson Electronics 

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