KNC selects Stamicarbon’s urea technology

Stamicarbon, the Licensing and IP Center of Maire Tecnimont SpA, has received two orders from Koch Nitrogen Co. (KNC) for a grass-roots urea melt and granulation plant in Enid, Oklahoma. The first of these orders involves the licensing, process design packages (PDPs) and associated services for the urea melt and granulation plant.
The second order covers supply of proprietary high-pressure equipment and sophisticated acid scrubbing unit for recovering ammonia as a valuable product from plant off-gases. The KNC facility in Enid is one of the largest fertilizer production plants in North America, producing ammonia, UAN and granular urea.
The urea melt plant will be built next to KNC’s existing Enid urea plant and will be integrated to some extent with it. The new urea synthesis plant will have a capacity of 2200mtpd, based on Stamicarbon’s Urea2000Plus® Pool Reactor technology, and will have a medium pressure adiabatic flash separator.
It will also produce a high-purity urea solution – called Diesel Exhaust Fluid– which will be used to improve the environmental performance of diesel engines by reducing the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases. The fluid-bed urea granulation plant has a capacity of 2676mtpd granular urea. Two reasons why KNC awarded Stamicarbon this part of the project are Stamicarbon’s outstanding reputation and the inclusion of sophisticated proprietary urea dust and ammonia acid scrubbing equipment, thanks to which the new plants will be able to meet the stringent emission values required by EPA and the local authorities.
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