Industeel ArcelorMittal’s new martensitic stainless ste

SuperPlast Stainless (SPS) is Industeel ArcelorMittal’s newly developed patented free-machining martensitic stainless steel. It is currently experiencing good success in the marketplace, especially among mold base manufacturers.

When SPS is used to manufacture mold bases, the result is both high productivity and longer tool life, which reduces costs. SPS also gives high, consistent mechanical strength and hardness and corrosion resistance to ensure mold durability and reduce maintenance costs.

The new stainless steel is delivered in an already hardened and tempered condition so it is ready-to-use. It is in the hardness range of 30/34 Rockwell HRC (tensile: 950-1050 MPa. It also has low carbon content and is combined with 12 percent chromium and alloying elements to achieve high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance.

International Mold Steel’s Britton, national sales manager, said that, “it was perfect timing” for the SuperPlast product to be introduced. “I’ve had customers asking us for stainless but we just couldn’t find the right one. The main driver for us was our customers. We didn’t just want a run of the mill stainless—we wanted one with superior properties—we wanted something special and believed the SuperPlast filled that bill.”

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