India’s latest integrated steel mill

Jailaxmi Special Steels is India’s latest integrated steel mill producing alloys, stainless steel (AISI 410/420) and carbon steel long products.

The process route that the mill uses is: EIF/LD converter, ladle refining furnace, vacuum degassing, con-cast, rolling, heat treatment–annealing, and bright bars etc. at one location. Their in-mold electro magnetic stirrer is from Danielli (France), and a new vacuum degassing plant has been supplied by Oerlikon Leybold (Germany) and installed by Siemens (India). Their product range includes: rolled round bars, flat bars, bright bars, rolled billets/RCS and con-cast billets.

It is possible to mix an order container consisting of various grades and sizes in hot-rolled round bars, hot-rolled flat bars, bright round bars, hot-rolled billets/RCS, and con-cast billets.

Rajesh Jagnani, Vice-President of International Sales, said “Our products are well accepted in around thirty countries worldwide. Moreover, our vacuum degassing plant is equipped with the latest technology of dry pumps, which enables us to instantly start up the system. Our company is the first in India to install such technology. The pumps also ensure that vacuum levels of 1 millibar can be achieved much faster, resulting in better degassing for longer periods. The outcome is an improved quality of steel. Finally, our heat size of 27 tons allows our customers a better choice in getting steel produced according to their specifications.”

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