IMOA Revises Lifecycle Inventory Dataset for Molybdenum

The International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) has published an updated Life Cycle Inventory dataset for Molybdenum Products for Metallurgical Applications. Products assessed were roasted molybdenite concentrates in powder and briquette forms, and ferromolybdenum. 

An LCI is an inventory of flows from and to nature – including inputs of water, energy, and raw materials and releases to air, land and water – for a product system. LCIs are part of a larger scale Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) whereby companies operating in many different sectors seek to assess the sustainability credentials of their own and competing products. A pre-requisite for generating an accurate environmental assessment is the availability of reliable life cycle inventory (LCI) datasets. 

To ensure that these three updated datasets are easily accessed and widely used they will be available via multiple routes including: 

 – Via the IMOA website LCI enquiry form.
 – Databases readily accessible to researchers, including The International Reference Life Cycle Data System.
 – Embedding the datasets in widely-used commercial LCA software used by LCA practitioners around the world.  

Sandra Carey of IMOA’s HSE Committee, commented: “IMOA was an early adopter of life cycle assessments and has been engaged in LCI dataset generation since 2000. We have provided metallurgical LCI data to LCA practitioners, researchers and companies for assessments including calculation of carbon footprints, upstream input into LCAs for buildings that use stainless steel and upstream input into LCAs for special applications, such as high-strength steel in car safety parts. These latest robustly updated datasets can be used with confidence by different industries to assess molybdenum products as part of wider life cycle assessments.”

Courtesy of The International Molybdenum Association. 
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