HK’s H Series Tube Lasers Deliver Straight-Down Cutting, Beveling

HK Laser & Systems offers H series laser tube cutting systems, from regular tube cutting systems with full bundle loading to systems for cutting structural steels such as I beam, angle, and channel.

The systems feature a high-power cutting head for straight-down cutting (model Klinge) and tube beveling (model LA4). Based on multiaxis moving control, CNC algorithm, CAM cutting software, and system interface development, these lasers also feature bus CNC systems with a 21.5-in. touchscreen with user-friendly HMI interface.

A variety of chuck systems are available depending on the application. The two-chuck system (HTM, HTS, HTP, and HTX Plus models) offers pressure adjustment depending on different tube diameters and thicknesses. With the 3+1 twin chuck system (HTX model), chucks C3 and C4 are combined as one and can rotate or move synchronously but control claws opening and moving independently. And the four-chucks system (TL model) offers a big clamping force to handle ultraheavy tubes.

Courtesy of HK Laser & Systems.

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