High-speed machining center

Datron Dynamics Inc., the North American distributor for DATRON AG, a German technology firm, has introduced a new, compact high-speed machining center that features a 30,000rpm spindle and a 59in x 55in footprint. The machine has a solid granite machining table which provides 20in x 20in of work area, and a 1.2kW machining spindle which delivers feed rates of up to 550in/min. This machining centre is suitable for milling, drilling and engraving aluminum, plastics, stainless steel, brass, and exotic composites. The M75 is recommended for the production of panels and housings, milling profiles and 2D or 3D engraving. Included with the M75 as standard features are a spray-mist coolant system, 10-station Automatic Tool Changer with tool data base and tool-length sensor, Microsoft Windows-based control software, PC, flat-screen monitor and hand-held remote, as well as, a full safety protective enclosure with lock out/tag out capability. M75 options include 3D probing, integration of virtually any CAD/CAM software and a variety of integrated workholding solutions like pneumatic clamping systems and DATRON’s proprietary VacuMate vacuum tables.
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