Hemisphere’s successful summer

Hemisphere Energy Corporation has successfully completed the drilling component of its Well Summer program, of which 10 wells will be produced and with one currently being used as a water injector.
The field estimates have shown that corporate production has averaged approximately 98 per cent oil during the week of September 8 to 14 as wells have gradually been turned on during the month. 
By the end of September, the final two new wells are scheduled to be on production, with pump speeds and oil rates expected to be further optimized at all of Hemisphere’s wells in October. 
Hemisphere also recently completed the expansion at its Atlee Buffalo Upper Mannville F pool facility. A heated free water knockout was added to enhance water separating and oil treating capacity. The company is also adding throughput at the Upper Mannville G pool facility by installing a SKUD (inclined free water knockout) and oil treater. 
“This is just the start of the growth we expect to see from this drilling program,” said Don Simmons, CEO of Hemisphere Energy. “The wells look great and the water flood is working. Once the new facility work is complete, it will be exciting to see what our pools are capable of.”
Image courtesy of Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies
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