Heil produced 100 stainless trailers in 2014

It has been reported that the 25 largest truck-trailer manufacturers in North America produced 291,506 complete trailers during 2014. This is a 20 percent increase compared to 2013. Even more importantly, it sets a new impressive record for the 21st century. The standing record for the 20th century stands at 340,000 trailers in 1999.

One of these truck-trailer manufacturers, Heil Trailer International, re-entered the stainless steel tank market this past year. Out of the 4,900 trailers, 100 of these were made out of stainless steel at the company’s new production plant in Juarez, Mexico.

In addition to the stainless steel trailers, Heil also manufactures petroleum trailers, crude oil tank trailers and bulk trailers, which are often used in the oilfield industry for hauling frac sand.

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