HANTEMP Controls’ stainless steel flanges

HANTEMP Controls has released its new stainless steel flange bulletin FL 612h, which includes the newly available size 050 flanges. Available in SW, BW, and threaded connections, these rugged stainless steel flanges are compatible with Size 050 flanges from other manufacturers making them an ideal choice when upgrading to stainless steel piping. 

All HANTEMP flanges are available as single flanges (male or female), flange unions (with stainless hardware), and flange kits (2 male flanges). 

HANTEMP Controls is a manufacturer of stainless steel controlled ball valves, float switches, solenoid valves, pressure regulators and flange unions for industrial refrigeration systems including ammonia, CO2, and others.
Image courtesy of HANTEMP Controls 
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