Gems’ stainless pressure transmitters & switches

The ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485 certified Gems Sensors & Controls (Gems) has announced the launch of its Model 3800/3820 Series, which is a family of reliable, accurate, compact OEM pressure transmitters and switches for hazardous area and other hostile environments.

The new Model 3800 Series pressure transmitter is available in seven unique ranges from 0 to 10,000 PSI (0 to 689 bar), with choice of loop powered (4-20 mA) or low power (1-5 VDC) output. They offer a ±0.25% URL (BFSL) linearity, hysteresis and repeatability specification, with less than 5 millisecond response times. Depending upon selected range, burst pressures extend from 4x up to 40x FSPR, with 2x or 3x overpressures. Model 3800 Series units also feature NEMA4X IP66 housings, all stainless steel wetted parts and hermetically sealed enclosures without O-rings. Dual seal approval and flush mounting are optional. They are also field adjustable with a 5:1 turndown ratio (2:1 for 100 PSI). Zero and span calibration adjustments may be achieved via a Gems calibration kit and a USB communication cable, sold separately.

The new Model 3820 Series is an all stainless steel OEM pressure switch-transmitter. Featuring a standard 4-20 mA output and optional 1-5VDC output, it builds upon the many performance attributes of the Model 3800, with the addition of a 30V, 120 mA normally open solid state relay switch with ±2% URL accuracy. Both the pressure switch set points and pressure measuring range are field adjustable via the optional calibration kit.

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