GE membranes in Canada ‘s biggest MBR plant

The upgraded wastewater treatment plant in Manitoba, Canada will feature a 36,000 m³/d expanded membrane bioreactor and GE ZeeWeed membranes. The facility will be the largest MBR plant in Canada, and is scheduled to enter into service in 2012. Designed by AECOM’s Winnipeg office, the upgraded facility will treat waste from Brandon’s existing plants in addition to waste from a Pfizer manufacturing plant. It will be designed to accommodate a rising population and an increasing manufacturing capacity. The revamped facility will raise the number of trains from three to nine; prefabricated stainless-steel membrane tanks and equipment skids will keep site footprint and construction costs on site to a minimum. To ensure a seamless, control package in the centralized facility, the membrane trains will be integrated with the existing MBR facility.

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