G.O. Carlson announces new appointments

G. O. Carlson Inc. has announced the election of Frederick C Travaglini to vice president – property group of G. O. Carlson Inc. Mr Travaglini also serves as vice chairman and secretary of G. O. Carlson Inc. He is president of the Gunard Berry Carlson Memorial Foundation Inc. and has served on several boards of community and charitable organizations. Tim Roessner has been elected to fill the newly created position of VP of production planning for Electralloy, a G. O. Carlson Inc. Co. In this position, Roessner will report directly to Tracy Rudolph, the president & chief operating officer of Electralloy/G. O. Carlson. Mr Roessner has over 30 years experience in the specialty steel industry. Before coming to Electralloy, he held various supervisory positions with Cytemp Specialty Steel in Titusville, PA. Mike Evans has been appointed director of technical/marketing services for Electralloy. Mr Evans came to Electralloy in October 1999 as the manager of technical services. In 2001 he accepted the additional duties of managing our Wrought Products operation.

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