Fronius’ MagicCleaner Offers Electrochemical Cleaning of Stainless TIG Welds

The newest generation of the MagicCleaner is available in two models from Fronius. This electrochemical cleaner cleans and passivates stainless steel TIG welds and surfaces to help welders meet high standards of aesthetics and hygiene. The machine also can mark workpieces with logos or serial numbers.

At just under 10 lbs., the lightweight MagicCleaner 150 (15-amp output) is a portable unit suitable for construction sites. The larger MagicCleaner 300, a 30-lb. machine that delivers up to 30 amps of performance, is suitable for more intense applications and for cleaning longer welds. It has a 1.8-l cleaning fluid tank and patented compressed air blower.

Both versions supply the cleaning pad with electrolyte, eliminating the need for dipping into open containers of cleaning fluid.

Courtesy of Fronius.

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