Foster Wheeler signs agreement with Siemens Energy

A subsidiary of Foster Wheeler’s Global Power Group has signed an agreement with Siemens Energy to purchase the Siemens Environmental Systems and Services business, which supplies and maintains clean air technologies for power plants and other industrial facilities.

The acquisition will include assets of the former Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the Advanced Burner Technology Company located in Branchburg, New Jersey. These businesses design, engineer, retrofit and service a variety of clean air technologies for power plants such as wet and dry flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and particulate control (fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators), acid gas control, mercury control, NOx reduction and combustion optimization systems.

“This is a strategic acquisition which expands our capability to offer clean air products and services to our clients in both the power and industrial sectors,” said Gary Nedelka, chief executive officer of Foster Wheeler’s Global Power Group. “It complements our existing portfolio of clean-air products and allows us to provide our clients with a full array of solutions to meet both tightening environmental regulations and the growing demand for energy on a global basis.”

Earlier this year, Foster Wheeler entered into agreement with AMEC, regarding a possible business combination of Foster Wheeler and AMEC. However, it is not thought that this Siemens transaction will affect the combining of aforementioned businesses.

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