Flow Group Ltd changes name

On Monday October 3rd 2011 Flow Group Ltd was acquired by a subsidiary of Hamworthy plc. Flow Group became part of Hamworthy’s Pump Systems Division that has been renamed Hamworthy Flow Solutions and benefits from Hamworthy’s global sales and service network. The new division is now able to offer pump and valve solutions to customers, many of whom are common to both businesses.
Following the completion of the acquisition, the trading name of Flow Group Ltd has also been changed to Hamworthy Valves Ltd. The company number of the trading legal entity remains the same (Registered in England & Wales No 2532854), as will all taxation, export approvals and other references. Shipham Valves are unaffected by this change and their relationship to Hamworthy Valves Ltd is confirmed as follows: Shipham Valves (a division of Hamworthy Valves Ltd).
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