Ferritic stainless steel electrode

US-based Select-Arc Inc. has introduced a metal cored, ferritic stainless steel electrode that is designed for welding on thin sheet metal materials. SelectAlloy 430L-Cb’s higher chromium content combined with the columbium (niobium) stabilization provides similar heat and corrosion resistance to the base metals which are welded. This electrode handles poor fit up and gaps and is easier to weld than solid wire. SelectAlloy 430L-Cb delivers faster travel speeds, less burn through and less spatter to provide greater productivity. It also offers easy transition to spray transfer. SelectAlloy 430L-Cb is well suited to weld the heat resistant, corrosion resistant, ferritic stainless steels used in exhaust system components. Typical applications include manifolds, converters, mufflers and tubular components of automotive exhaust systems made of 430 grade materials. This electrode is available in .045in, .052in and 1/16in diameters.
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