Extended floats for stainless switches

SOR is now offering extended floats for their 1500 Series level switches. These float extensions are available in a variety of lengths and materials that depend on the application, conditions and specs that the customer demands. This option extends the pivot arm and places the float further into the process vessel. It is particularly helpful in applications where the nozzle diameter is too small or where process build-up can limit the full travel of the float. However, extending the float can have adverse effects on the unit’s ability to handle lower specific gravities. SOR has several different options available. The extended float option is a suitable complement to the SOR 1500 Series switches which are designed for harsh environments and process liquids where rugged components are critical. All stainless steel construction, process temperature ratings of -40 degrees to +204C, and pressure ratings up to 1500psi makes this family of switches a less expensive alternative to the traditional chambered switch and suitable for most any point level application.

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