Endurance metal cored electrode

Select-Arc Inc. now offers a specially manufactured carbon steel, composite metal cored electrode that delivers feedability and arc starting capability, and low residual slag. Endurance, the newest Select-Arc electrode, was developed to produce a single, consistent wire surface that results in continuous, uninterrupted feeding and consistent arc starts even under difficult conditions. These characteristics, combined with a unique formulation, result in beads that are smooth and well washed with even edges and minimal silicon islands. This E70C-6M-H4 electrode is especially designed for robotic and other automated applications where consistency of feeding, arc starting and bead appearance are of importance. Endurance is used for general purpose welding, but is also suitable in higher demand situations such as in heavier sheet metal fabrication, automotive applications, structural work, pipe welding and the welding of water heaters. Endurance is available in .035in, .045in, .052in, 1/16in, 5/64in, 3/32in and 1/8in diameters.
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